What is RPA?

RPA or Robotic Process Automation leverages an innovative technology called databots. These are specialized in carrying out repetitive, rule-driven administrative work.

These smart algorithms can be used as a direct assistant to your employees, which is called “attended RPA” or “Robotic Desktop Automation”.

On the other hand, they can also operate stand-alone, as virtual employees. In this case we speak of “unattended RPA”.

Our databots are trained to imitate the actions of a human. Sometimes this can be done by literally recording the actions while they are being executed (recording), but usually they are built up through scripts. These scripts tell the databot what to do.

The RPA / RDA solutions that TeRoCo offer fit seamlessly into your existing IT architecture, regardless of whether it is locally, server or cloud oriented. The databot can handle all existing applications (Office, ERP, CRM, Web, own developments, …) by simply using the existing user interface. This avoids programming or extensive testing of your existing systems.

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