Consultancy and Advice

Are you considering taking your first steps in RPA? Or do you have complex data management and system integration projects? We are happy to help you set up or evaluate your databot project, help you choose the most suitable RPA (and auxiliary) tools and share our best practices for setting up a competence center. If you consider to offshore your activities in the future, then know that you can also count on our experience.

Databot implementation

(Pilot) Project selection

The choice of the right project is crucial, certainly at the initial stage of your change process. Early successes help build confidence for further steps.

Tool selection

Not all databots are created equal even if there are many similarities. We help you choose the right databot, taking into account the processes that need to be automated, budget, desired level of independence and existing IT infrastructure. Probably most importantly: we make sure you make a future-proof choice.


Rooted in >5 years experience implementing databots and RPA projects, our analysis methodology guarantees a carefree training of the databot and your employees. BRS, SRS, Use Cases, Change Request? Not needed!


Training a databot is a so-called “low-code” effort. In fact, it’s a pretty much always a “no-code” effort. The difference between “low-code” and “no-code”? Experience! We only work with in-house trainers who configure efficient and robust databots that meet all your needs.

Change management

Doing a 1st RPA project with a databot is one thing, guiding your employees and helping you to set up an appropriate organizational structure is another. Since we have built up and operated one of the largest RPA Centers of Excellence in the Benelux, we are happy to be help you sort that out..

Maintenance & support

When processes change or existing software is updated, employees need training. The same applies to databots, and we are happy to take care of that for you. In fact we all our databots are built-for-maintainability. Ask our experts!


If you want to build up knowledge in the field of analysis, training or maintenance, we take care of training your people.

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