Selecting the right RPA tool

It’s a lot of work to migrate from one databot technology platform to another. So a crucial choice faced by an organization that wants to start an RPA journey is the selection of the most suitable software. After all, it is not so easy to choose the right RPA tool amongst all the offers. Obviously, all RPA suppliers promote their own solution.

You could turn to specialized research agencies such as Gartner, Forrester, Everest and HfS who publish a lot of information and even rankings. Trouble is that this information is not always clear, and the criteria used are not necessarily focused on your specific situation. We bring the experience to select the databot that best fits the needs of your organization beyond your first pilot project. We also always take take into account the implications of a possible scale-up later.

The elements below are part of the checklist we use to advise you in the selection of the most suitable RPA tool:

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Checklist RPA Tool

  • Available functionality
    • Visual representation vs code?
    • Built-in connectors for the most common software packages (e.g. SAP)
    • Re-usability of previously built modules to avoid rework
    • Availability of a recorder function to simplify building of the script
    • Ease of integrating external modules (e.g. Abbyy – OCR // TM7 – NLP // IBM Watson – AI)
  • Cost
    • Licences, pay particular attention to future expansions and running costs
    • Infrastructure
  • Licence models
    • By databot
    • By script
    • Time-based
    • Transaction-based

  • How will the databot be used:
    • Attended RPA – i.e. started by a human?
    • Unattended RPA – i.e. operating autonomously?
  • What does the underlying-architecture look like?
    • Desktop / Sever / Virtual / Citrix
    • Cloud / on-premise
  • Do you plan to train databots yourself in the future or do you plan to continue to rely on a specialized RPA implementation partner?
  • What resources will you need resources for future maintenance? Can this be done in-house or is do you need an RPA maintenance provider?
  • What local representation does your RPA implementation partner have to resolve issues?

Is trial and error a good idea?

Has your “pay-per-use” RPA license become a money pit because of the increased volumes? Or can’t your databot connect with a specific external module? The you will most likely have only one choice: purchase a different type of databot. Double costs. In addition, the indirect costs increase considerably: think of potential double support and rebuild links to other databots if they work in a cluster.

Just in avoiding such a scenario lies one of Teroco’s strengths: from our expertise in actually running an RPA Center of Excellence in a complex corporate environment, we ensure that your approach is correct from day one.

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RPA software suppliers

Without concrete experience with different RPA tools, processes and in-depth knowledge of the business, the risk of making the wrong choice is high. In addition, once a certain package has been selected and the first scripts have been developed, changing suppliers appears to be very difficult. Automatic or even just easy conversion is not available, and in practice it usually comes down to having to retrain a databot from scratch. Or worse, maintaining different software packages side by side.

It goes without saying, TeRoCo assists its customers in the selection process. We make our years of experience available to make correct and future-oriented choices.

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In order to shed a first light on what the market has to offer, we are happy to share our evaluation of the most common tools.

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