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No supply chain without data

You will find powerful supply chain management (SCM) systems on the market. But they only perform their work if they are fed by data. And that’s where it gets difficult:

  • suppliers and customers follow their own standards
  • internal systems are not connected as you would like

Integrate and automate in a single step

Databots are trained, not programmed: They do not change your underlying systems. Do you use specialized WMS or TMS systems such as Manhattan, PowerHouse, Northstar or Red Prairie/JDA? Or do you entrust your logistics process to a module within your ERP system (SAP Business One, Oracle EBS, Microsoft Dynamics …)? No problem, databots are system agnostic.

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No Code Solution

Thanks to databots you can finally automate your processes in a fast, flexible and affordable way, without touching your underlying IT infrastructure, without time-consuming preparatory documentation. You can go for a simple, fast RPA project whereby the databot replicates the actions of your employees. But why would you limit yourself to that? Our databot can handle dozens of processes and systems simultaneously, so feel free to share your wildest dreams.

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Brexit gevolgen

De gevolgen van Brexit op een rijtje: Er zijn in grote lijnen 4 mogelijke Brexit scenario’s elk met hun eigen specifieke gevolgen op je logistieke-, productie- en financiële departementen: No Brexit De Brexit afblazen betekent uiteraard dat er niks verandert in vergelijking met vandaag: het vrije verkeer van goederen, diensten, kapitaal en personen blijft onveranderlijk…

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