RPA via databots. How does that work?

Very simple: RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is an application of databots. RPA allows you to pass on repetitive administrative tasks performed by your employees to a databot. Your (super) user (s) and one of our trainers trains a databot on-the-job until it is able to autonomously replicate the various actions of your employees. From then on, your databot is ready for you 24/7/365. Be it in an “attended” setup where a user starts your databot as and when required. Or in “unattended” version where the databot works without any human intervention.

Databots go well beyond RPA

Databots are a system agnostic no-code solution. That’s why they have much more to offer than “just” RPA / Robotic Process Automation. How much more depends on the choices you make at the start of your project. An experienced implementation specialist is therefore crucial for the success of your project.

Systems integration – Databots easily bridge the gap between your legacy systems, the cloud, IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence). Or between your systems and those of your suppliers, your customers or the government.

Data conversion, data migration – Databots juggle with data from multiple systems simultaneously. So save your employees the big “data clean-up” exercises: databots do that on-the-fly. The databot can’t figure it out? He/she will ask a person for advice.

“Augmented” employees – Work smart in practice: your sales representative, your customer service agent, your accounts receivable agent … receives a clear summary from all relevant systems (internal or external) before he/she gets the customer on the phone.


A databot adapts to you, not the other way around. Whatever you use it for (RPA, system integration, data conversion ...), nothing changes to your existing processes, IT environment and data sources. In 4-5 weeks our trainers train a databot to become a 100% operational virtual employee carrying out the most complex processes around the clock.

Efficiency gain & Cost savings

The payback time for RPA (Robotic Process Automation) projects - where a databot is used to take over manual processes - is usually shorter than one year, with efficiency gains of up to 300% compared to human implementation. Extra profit can be achieved by having one databot carry out multiple processes.

Flexibility & Scalability

Implementing of a databot takes about 4 to 5 weeks only. Once configured, the databot can be cloned to accommodate any work volume.

One databot, multiple tasks

Every data bot can handle a high amount of different processes. From repetitive tasks over the preparation of reports to data management.

Security & Compliance

Like an employee, the databot works in accordance with all existing controls and limitations. In addition, a databot logs all his/her actions.

Employee satisfaction

Do an RPA project to send annoying, repetitive work to a databot, so employees can focus on tasks with a higher added value.

Customer Satisfaction

Your data can work 24/7/365, and at all times fulfill the expectations of your customers faultlessly.

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Additional Services

Teroco advises, implements and maintains

Consultancy en advice

Are you considering an RPA project? Do you wonder how you could have your IT develop at the same pace as your business? Have you already done a number of experiments and are now looking for a roadmap? We are happy to help you set up or evaluate your project, help you choose the most suitable tool and share our best practices for setting up a competence center. BTW: When you think of offshoring, you know that you can just as well outsource all tasks to a databot.

Maintenance & support

When processes change or existing software is updated, employees need training. The same applies to databots. We are happy to take care of that for you.

Training & Education

Do you wish to build up knowledge in the field of analysis, scripting or maintenance? We are here to help you train your people.

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